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Title Students' Choice for a Graduate School in Home Economics
Posted by Vanessa Zabala
Authors Vanessa B. Zabala, Roxan A. Consolacion
Conference 13th International Conference on Educational Research (ICER2020)
Abstract Abstract: This study aimed to determine the internal and external factors that influenced students in choosing a school for a graduate degree program in Home Economics. A descriptive research design using a modified questionnaire was distributed among twenty six (26) graduate students enrolled in MAED Home Economics. Results show that self and peer motivation are the internal drivers, and the external factors include the faculty profile, grading methods, and curriculum structure significantly influenced students’ choice for a graduate school in home economics. Participants recommended that Graduate degree programs must be aligned to the recent trends, national standards and needs of the teacher in the K-12 basic education in order to increase enrollment. Understanding the attitudes, opinions, and diverse experiences of graduate students in both the academe and profession will help in designing a comprehensive and attractive marketing plan to improve enrollment.
Index terms / Keywords home economics, graduate program, professional development, master’s degree