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Title Development of E-learning Module for ICT Skills of Marginalized Women and Girls for ICT4D
Posted by January Naga
Authors Febro, January; Catindig, Mia Amor; Caparida, Lomesindo
Publication date 2020
Journal International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)
Volume 15
Issue 16
Pages 12
Publisher Kassel University Press
Abstract The digital gender divide is a major challenge that needs to be addressed in developing countries. Thus, the focus of this study is to address the digital il-literacy of girls and women that also fuels the digital gender divide. The goal is to produce an e-learning module that focused on the skills to be measured in assessing ICT skill in Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 4. This can be used during training as a tool to capacitate participants like marginalized women and girls. The development of this e-module follows the research and development using the 4D model process that begins in define phase, followed by the design of e-learning content and development activities, and lastly disseminate. The impact of the e-learning module was evaluated during ICT literacy training for marginalized women and girls. This study found that utilizing e-learning modules in the development of skills among participants was significant. This study was a humble step towards gaining technological skills of the marginalized girls and women in the Philippine community to-wards ICT4D.
Index terms / Keywords E-learning module; 4D model; ICT literacy; research and development; ICT4D