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Posted by Rovie Gretchel Bucad
Authors Bucad, Rovie Gretchel; Bariso, Lea Mae; Mendoza, Ella Joan
Conference 13th International Conference on Educational Research (13th ICER 2020)
Abstract Abstract The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of Kinesio Tape on the varsity athletes of Mindanao State University- Iligan Institute of Technology, Integrated Developmental School (MSU-IIT, IDS) on their spasmed muscles in the hamstring. This study employed the descriptive-correlational type of research. It consisted of 60 MSU-IIT IDS Basketball and Volleyball men and women varsity athletes. An adapted questionnaire from Wagner, A (2015) with a Likert-scale (1-5-point scale) format was used to rate the spasmed muscle in the hamstring without the Kinesio Tape. The Scale Questionnaire developed by Renner, C (2012) was used to measure the effectiveness of the Kinesio Tape on the athletes spasmed muscle in the hamstring. Means and standard deviations are computed to summarize the responses to the Likert-type questionnaires. Frequency and percentage were used to assess the descriptive data. Weighted Mean was used to determine the effect of Kinesio Tape on the spasmed muscle in the hamstring while Sign Test was used to determine the significant difference of their experience before and after the application of the Kinesio Tape among the varsity athletes. The result show that the Kinesio Tape was found to have a good effect on the spasmed hamstring muscles of the varsity athletes. The Kinesio Tape was also found to have a highly significant change in all aspects: Effectiveness, Manageability, Daily Living, Athletic Performance, General Perception and Pain, except for comfort on the application of Kinesio Tape among the MSU-IIT IDS varsity athletes.
Index terms / Keywords Effectiveness, Hamstring, Kinesio Tape, Muscle Spasm