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Title Educare App: Mobile application for clinical duties of nursing students and nurse educators
Posted by Geraldine Ridad
Authors Jude D Positos, Allana Louisse A Abellanosa, Christine Alaiza L Galgo, Christine Myca B Tecson, Geraldine S Ridad, Marjorie M Tabigue
Publication date 2020/6/1
Journal Enfermería Clínica
Volume Volume 30
Issue Supplement 5, June 2020 Issue
Pages 12-16
Publisher Elsevier Doyma
Abstract Objectives To Design, Develop, and to Test the Educare Application by determining its acceptability and usability as means for improving the quality and delivery nursing education and instruction in the clinical area. Methods This study utilized the ADDIE which includes the Analysis phase in which the researchers identified and analyzed the gaps and areas to improve in the clinical classroom by integrating personal experience and reading of literature as well as existing studies. In the Design phase, the researchers produced the low-fidelity prototype of the application after discussions and planning with the developer based on the proposed hardware and software requirements and a high-fidelity profile prototype followed reviewing and analyzing and then the application was developed. Implementation and Evaluation then followed by determining the usability and the acceptability. The usability questionnaire was derived from the System Usability Scale of Jakob Nielsen, was revised and tested for reliability using Cronbach's Alpha (0.985). The acceptability questionnaire was derived from the Bakuna App Version 2.0 and was revised and tested for reliability using Cronbach's Alpha (0.950). Results Out of 23 nurse educators, 21 of them approved of the usability of the application and they agreed that the application is easy to use without the help of a technical person. 18 of them have high acceptability ratings of the application. They agreed that the app helped them in the dissemination of learning materials, instructions, announcements and schedules. They also said that it helped them in updating and preparing the materials needed for the lessons efficiently. According to the nurse educators, the app improved and enhanced clinical performance of the students. Out of 88 student respondents, 85 approved of the usability of the application they also felt confident in using the application and that the app had a bright, clean, uncluttered screen design while 3 of the student respondents were neutral. In the acceptability of the application, 85 student respondents found the app highly acceptable and they agreed that the application helped them in following the time budget given by the nurse educator and helped in enhancing student learning and 3 were neutral. Conclusion With all the results, the researchers can conclude that the developed application is both acceptable and usable to both nurse educators and student nurses and is therefore an effective tool in improving and enhancing the delivery and quality of Nursing Education and instruction in the clinical classroom.
Index terms / Keywords Nursing education; Usability; Android application; Mobile application; Acceptability