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Title Species composition and gut content analysis of fishes in Mandulog River system, Iligan City
Posted by Annielyn Tampus
Authors Camille E De Guzman, Annielyn D Tampus, Sasha Anne L Valdez, Vanessa Mae C Tumang, Carlo Stephen O Moneva, Everlita E Canalita
Publication date 2015/8/1
Journal Advances in Environmental Biology
Volume 9
Issue 19 S4
Pages 23-32
Publisher American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information
Abstract Mandulog River is one of the important structures in the ecosystem of Iligan City that gives life force to the community. The study was designed to identify the species and diet composition of fishes, its species richness and relative abundance from the different sampling sites of Mandulog River. The collection of fishes was done through fish nets last May-June of 2014. A total of 114 individual fishes were caught with 18 species belonging to 6 orders and 13 families. The most abundant group is from the Order Perciformes and Family Gobiidae. However, the most abundant species (Ambassis sp.) belongs to the Family Ambassidae that consisted 26% of the fish population. The physicochemical parameters of the river such as width, depth, current velocity, air and water temperature; and current velocity, pH and TSS showed highly significant relationship to the relative abundance and species richness of fishes …
Index terms / Keywords species composition, gut, fishes, Mandulog river