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Title Traditional Medicine in the Modern World: A Comparative Study of Indonesia's Jamu and Iligan CIty's Tambal Binisaya
Posted by Lourd Greggory Crisol
Authors Lourd Greggory D. Crisol; Nurul Maziyyah; Imaniar Ranti; Puguh Novi Arsito; and Muhammad Fariez Kurniawan
Conference International Confernece on Sustainable Innovation (ICOSI)
Abstract Historical findings reveal that the Filipino’s lineage could be traced partly from Indonesians. And even to the present, such ancestral relations are observable in both countries through their language, facial features, and other cultural aspects like values and practices. One cultural practice in particular is the use of traditional medicines which are still alive and thriving in both countries. This qualitative study was thus crafted to investigate the connections in the use of traditional medicines in the Philippines and Indonesia, particularly in Iligan City, and the territory of Jogjakarta. Anchored on Migration theories and cultural diffusionism theories, this study attempts to answer the following questions: 1. What are the different Jamu medicines and tambal binisaya medicines and how do they draw their efficacy? 2. What are the strategies of these traditional medicine vendors to cope with the modernizing world? 3. How similar/ different are the reasons as to why Jamu and Tambal Binisaya are continually being patronized in the present day? Through the Data analysis, it was revealed that even though there are more varieties of tambal binisaya, most of the medicines there heal due to spiritual/ faith-based reasons as compared to Jamu’s scientifically backed discoveries. It was also found that to ensure business survival, the vendors from both tambal binisaya and Jamu have learned to adapt and employ marketing strategies which would best cater their patrons. Finally, it was discovered that both tambal binisaya and Jamu are still thriving in the modern world because of socioeconomic reasons. Both customers and vendors, see the use of the traditional medicines as more practical since these cost less but can still provide vitality or healing.
Index terms / Keywords traditional medicine, Filipino culture, Indonesian Culture, Folk Practices, Diffused cultures