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Title Project DiabEHT: An approach to improve self-care management of diabetes
Posted by Geraldine Ridad
Authors Geraldine S.Ridad, Val Clinton S.Maybituin, Carlito Y.Bella Jr., Karla Mae R.Ca˜ete, Omar Khayyam M.Usman, Erik Louwe R.Sala
Publication date 2020/06
Journal Enfermeria Clinica
Volume Volume 30
Issue Supplement 5, June 2020 Issue
Pages Pages 234-239
Publisher Elsevier Espa˜a, S.L.U
Abstract Objectives To determine whether the project DiabEHT (Diabetic Electronic Health Tool) has significantly improved self-care management of participants with diabetes along with the aspects of general diet, physical activities, blood glucose monitoring, and foot-care; and their blood glucose level 6 weeks after the project implementation. Methods Pre-experimental, one group pretest-posttest research study was conducted among 30 participants medically diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus regardless of type. The project which included weekly support group activities and lecture series on diabetes, installation and use of the DiabEHT mobile app, and diabooth in the health center was implemented for 6 weeks. Participants' blood glucose levels were obtained before the start of each weekly session for 6 weeks. A modified version of the Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities (SDSCA)measure was used to evaluate participants' self-care management before and after the intervention. Results After 6 weeks of project implementation, the participants have showed significant improvement on the following diabetes self-care activities: general diet (P = 0.000), physical activities (P = 0.007), blood glucose monitoring (P = 0.000), and foot-care (P = 0.000). Their blood glucose levels had also significantly reduced (P = 0.005). Conclusion Indeed, the project had improved the diabetic participants' self-care management and compliance, and glycemic control. Nursescan take advantage of this innovation and consider integration into patient care. However, further studies are recommended to ensure sustainable incorporation and application into various settings.
Index terms / Keywords Diabetes, Self-care management, Android application, Support group activity