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Title Forest bat diversity and abundance in different habitats on Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park, Negros Island
Posted by Dennis Warguez
Authors Janette A Deligero, Dennis A Warguez, Kim John S Doble, Lisa Marie J Paguntalan, Philip Godfrey C Jakosalem
Publication date 2016
Journal Sylvatrop: The Technical Journal of Philippine Ecosystems and Natural Resources
Volume 26
Issue 1 and 2
Pages 19-36
Publisher Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Abstract A study on the diversity, abundance, and habitat selection of forest bats was conducted on Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park (MKNP) in Negros Island from May 19-June 2, 2015. Elevational transect survey was employed in four habitat types utilizing standard mist netting and harp trapping methods accomplishing a total of 72 net nights and 68 trap nights. A total of 65 20x20m circular plots were selected for habitat assessment. There were 608 bat individuals recorded comprising of seven fruit bat species and 16 insect bat species. Of the 23 total bat species, eight were Philippine endemic. Twelve bat species (composed of one fruit bat and 11 insect bats) were added to the list of bats previously recorded in Mt. Kanlaon and could be attributed to the difference in methods employed (this study utilizes harp trapping equipment while the previous study only used mist netting). Results showed that Mt. Kanlaon has moderate diversity with secondary montane forest determined to have the highest bat diversity (H=1.88). The overall most abundant species is Cynopterus brachyotis (RA=29.56%). Logistic Regression Analysis and Poisson Distribution showed several variables (number of trees of specific height, canopy and subcanopy cover, elevation, number of dead trees, number of fruiting trees, distance from water, mean DBH) having significant influence on bat occurrence and abundance. Bat hunting and habitat modification pose considerable threats to the bats of MKNP. Results of this study provides information regarding the bats of Mt. Kanlaon and will serve as basis for strengthening the conservation program of MKNP.
Index terms / Keywords bats, diversity, harp trapping, Mt. Kanlaon Natural Park