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Title Diurnal roosting preferences of cave-dwelling bats in Northeastern Agusan Del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines
Posted by Dennis Warguez
Authors Dennis Warguez, Paul MM Tagarda, Cesar G Demayo
Publication date 2013/12/1
Journal Extreme Life, Biospeology and Astrobiology
Volume 5
Issue 2
Pages 103-116
Publisher Bioflux SRL
Abstract The diurnal roosting preferences of bats inside Malague Cave in Buenavista, selected caves in Carmen, and Humilog Cave in Remedios T. Romualdez, Agusan del Norte were surveyed from 9 AM to 5 PM hours, on May 16-21, 2003, May 28-30, 2003, respectively. A total of 198 individuals belonging to five species were identified to roost inside these caves, with three insectivorous species, namely Emballonura alecto, Taphozous melanopogon and Rhinolophus subrufus and two furgivorous species: Eonycteris spelaea and Rousettus amplexicaudatus. Emballonura alecto preferred to roost in small cavities and where there is partial illumination while Rhinolophus subrufus was observed to roost in partially illuminated to dimly lit areas. Most individuals of these species preferred to hang singly in ceilings and cavities of lower height. On the other hand, Taphozous melanopogon roosted in cavities and some cracks and crevices where there is partial illumination. A maternal colony and a nursery colony of T. melanopogon were present in the caves of Carmen, Agusan del Norte. Meanwhile, Eonycteris spelaea and Rousettus amplexicaudatus preferred to cling on walls on areas where there is partial illumination. Some tended to roost in sites where there was total absence of light when the cave was disturbed. It was found out that physical parameters such as illumination, cave size, reliefs and height of roosting sites played significant role in the diurnal roosting preferences of bats. Reproductive activities of some species and the limestone type of the cave as well as the degree of disturbance could also be counted as
Index terms / Keywords Roosting activities, caves, bats, illumination, limestone