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Title Technical and Financial Assessment of Iligan City Hall Distribution System
Posted by Noel Estoperez
Authors Noel R. Estoperez, Fen Jean-nette V. Barlisan, Harris A. Suico, Mary Dhoves V. Yonson, Rolando C. Cuizon
Publication date 2018/03
Conference 2018 International Electrical Engineering Congress (iEECON)
Publisher IEEE
Abstract The identification of ways to effectively utilize energy today led to the minimization of high billing cost. The aim of this study is to make a technical and financial assessment of the distribution system of the Iligan City Hall to identify effective energy utilization. JAED.NS, a simulator developed to aide electrical distribution practitioners to enhance their capability in the field of operation and maintenance, was employed to simulate the system. It was found that the distribution system was unbalanced and that the main reasons were overloading and unbalanced phase currents. Feeder reconfiguration was identified as the best approach to balance the system. The yardstick of economic merits showed that implementing the study is feasible with benefit-cost ratio (BCR) and net present value (NPV) greater than one with a payback period of 1.12 years.
Index terms / Keywords distribution system, JAED.NS, distribution simulator, feeder reconfiguration, technical loss
DOI 10.1109/IEECON.2018.8712212