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Title Optimization Design Suite for Expandable Micro-Grid Clusters
Posted by Noel Estoperez
Authors Kazuaki Iwamura, Yosuke Nakanishi, Hiroshi Takamori, Udom Lewlomphaisarl, Noel Estoperez, Abraham Lomi
Publication date 2018/10
Conference 2018 7th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA)
Pages 354-359
Publisher IEEE
Abstract In this study, we introduce an optimization design suite, referred to as the “grid of grids optimal designer” (GGOD), as an addition to the expandable micro-grid clusters (EMGCs) for the evolving electricity generation and infrastructure sectors. EMGCs are an autonomous group of micro-grids in which clusters can generate and consume power. The GGOD is a type of simulation software suitable for Iong-term use at an electrical facility, where operation planners can plan the expansion, construction, and EMGC operation functions. One of the primary uses of the GGOD is for geospatial data, which require the execution of real world optimization planning. Here, we describe two key applications of the GGOD, including geospatial integrated resource planning for wind farm allocation and transmission configurations, as well as congestion-mitigation planning based on the nodal price approach. Moreover, a concept for the interactive use of optimization functions is also explained.
Index terms / Keywords microgrid; expandable micro-grid cluster; grid of grids optimal designer; optimization; geospatial data
DOI 10.1109/ICRERA.2018.8566707