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Title Bringing Religious Value to Public Service Motivation
Posted by Hazel Jovita
Authors Dewi, Dian Suluh Kusuma; Nurmandi, Achmad; Mutiarin, Dyah; Jovita, Hazel; Salahudin; Djuwitaningsih, Ekapti Wahjuni
Publication date 2020
Journal International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change
Volume Volume 13,
Issue Issue 1, 2020
Pages 406-424
Publisher Primrose Hall Publishing Group
Abstract The role of socio-historical study is the Public Service Motivation (PSM) attachment brought by James Perry. 4 dimensions of PSM are associated with parental socialisation, religious socialisation, professional identification, and political ideology. This study aims to do a comparative analysis of the influence of social background, religiosity, and voluntary activities on the motivation among public servants in Indonesia and the Philippines. By using the qualitative approach, primary data were obtained from 20 employees in the form of in-depth interviews of key informants. Analysis of the data in this article used the software NVivo 12 Plus. The results showed that the value of religiosity has the most significant impact in Indonesia and the Philippines. However, family socialisation and volunteer activities contribute to the PSM.
Index terms / Keywords Religiosity, Voluntarism, Public Service Motivation.
DOI 10.1080/10967494.2018.1428254.