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Title Species composition, abundance and distribution of seagrasses in the brackish waters of Balingoan, Misamis Oriental in relation to environmental parameters
Posted by Maria Luisa Orbita
Authors Rodzia D. Hamisain, Yasmeen A. Sama, Maria Lourdes Dorothy G. Lacuna, Ronaldo R. Orbita, Maria Luisa S. Orbita
Publication date 2020/06/16
Journal International Journal of Biosciences (IJB)
Volume 16
Issue 6
Pages 80-89
Publisher INNSPUB Network
Abstract Seagrasses play an important role in marine and brackish waters both as primary producers and ecosystem engineers, thus sustaining biodiversity and ecosystem services. The ecology of seagrass was widely investigated in the marine region whereas their abundance and distribution in brackish waters is still limited. This study aimed to assess the composition, abundance and distribution of seagrasses in relation to some environmental parameters. Field sampling was conducted through transect-quadrat method and shoot density was determined along with water temperature, salinity, nutrients and water flow. The seagrass bed in Balingoan was a mixed community of H. pinifolia, T. hemprichii, C. rotundata, H. ovalis and E. acoroides. H. pinifolia dominated the area and its distribution extends from high to the lowest intertidal zone. Correlation analysis was significant between the seagrass species and the environmental parameters and it was species specific.
Index terms / Keywords seagrass, brackish waters, Gingoog bay