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Title Design and Implementation of a High Efficiency Cost Effective EV Charger Using LLC Resonant Converter
Posted by Aileen Gumera
Authors Aileen Caberos, Xerxex Dan Gumera, and Shu-Chuan Huang
Publication date 2017/12/07
Conference 2017 Asian Conference on Energy, Power and Transportation Electrification (ACEPT)
Publisher IEEE
Abstract This paper focuses on the design and implementation of a Half Bridge LLC resonant converter for Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) battery charging applications. The proposed charger is designed to have high efficiency, low component cost, wide output voltage range, and low switching losses to maximize energy transfer through the converter to the battery using Constant Current (CC) and Constant Voltage (CV) control methods. The experimental results of the LLC resonant converter prototype, fed by a 322-420V PFC output, converts universal AC input to 57.6V DC at 345W power operating at peak efficiency of 96.3%.
Index terms / Keywords Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs), LLC Resonant Converter, Lead-Acid Battery, Constant Current (CC), Constant Voltage (CV)
DOI DOI: 10.1109/ACEPT.2017.8168618