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Title An Area-Efficient and Low-Power Comparator for Type-III Compensated Voltage-Mode Control DC-DC Buck Converter in 65nm CMOS Technology Process
Posted by Aileen Gumera
Authors Ecclesiastes G. Montaos ; Aileen B. Caberos ; Leocarl M. Viñalon
Publication date 2019/11/21
Conference 2019 19th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies (ISCIT)
Pages 113-117
Publisher IEEE
Abstract This paper presents an area-efficient and low-power comparator for application in the PWM stage of a type-III-compensated voltage-mode control DC-DC buck converter. The comparator is made up of only 4 transistors and is implemented in TSMC 65nm CMOS technology. The four-transistor comparator exhibits a power consumption of only 0.67 μW and a layout area of 13.88 μm 2 - values much smaller as compared to two existing conventional comparator architectures. Also, the application of the four-transistor comparator significantly lessens the power consumption and design complexity of the control feedback of the DC-DC buck converter without affecting the overall performance of the converter.
Index terms / Keywords Comparator, DC-DC Buck Converter, Pulse Width Modulation, Voltage-Mode Feedback Control
DOI DOI: 10.1109/ISCIT.2019.8905205