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Title An Energy Combiner for Multi-Source Energy Harvesting with Charge Control
Posted by Aileen Gumera
Authors Roy Venzon C. Adrivan ; Raymond Kyle G. Conde ; Aileen B. Caberos ; Chandler Timm C. Doloriel
Publication date 2019/11/21
Conference 2019 19th International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies (ISCIT)
Pages 371-376
Publisher IEEE
Abstract Presented in this paper is an energy combiner for multi-source energy harvesting implemented with charge control. The energy combiner circuit uses a voltage level detection technique with a control algorithm in combining the input energy sources and stores it in a storage battery. A charge control is implemented to prolong the life of the storage battery by limiting the minimum and maximum charge of the battery. The energy combiner achieves a combining efficiency of 94.67%, 83.11%, and 82.91% in 3 cases (a) only 1 source, (b) 2 sources and (c) 3 sources energy available, respectively. With a total power consumption of 160μW. The design was implemented in 65nm technology using Synopsys Custom Designer with an area of 160.155μm × 177.940μm.
Index terms / Keywords Energy combiner, charge control, Energy Harvesting
DOI DOI: 10.1109/ISCIT.2019.8905138