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Title Solution concentration effect on mechanical injection and deposition of YSZ coatings using the solution precursor plasma spraying
Posted by Rolando Candidato Jr.
Authors Pablo Carpio, Rolando T. Candidato, Jr., Lech Pawlowski and Maria Dolores Salvador
Publication date 2018/10/31
Volume Volume 371
Pages 11
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract YSZ coatings were developed by solution precursor plasma spraying from different solution concentrations. The solutions were characterized and correlated with the rheological properties (specific weight, viscosity and surface tension). The mechanical injection was used therefore a correct injection is essential to get a correct liquid jet break-up inside the plasma plume. The optimal injection pressure must be adjusted for each solution since the solution characteristics affect on the injection process. It was experimentally found out by the observation of the splats' morphology. The particles were not melted at low pressures but solidified prior to the deposition when the injection pressure is high. It was also found out that the optimal static pressure varies with the concentration, but the dynamic pressure is equal for every solution and slightly superior to the dynamic pressure of the plasma plume. After injection optimization, coatings using different solution concentrations were developed and their microstructures were investigated. The liquid jet fragmentations as well as the heat requirements were modified with the concentration so that coating microstructure was affected. The resulting coatings display a lamellar and porous microstructure with the presence of unmelted/unpyrolysed material. Coatings' porosity increased while coatings' grow-up was less intensive when diluted solutions were used as feedstock.