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Title Investigation on the structural and microstructural properties of copper-doped hydroxyapatite coatings deposited using solution precursor plasma spraying
Posted by Rolando Candidato Jr.
Authors Romnick Unabia, Simon Bonebeau, Rolando T. Candidato, Jr., Jenny Jouin, Olivier, Noguera, Lech Pawlowski
Publication date 2019/06/18
Journal Journal of the European Ceramic Society
Volume Volume 39
Pages 9 pages
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract Structural and microstructural investigation of solution precursor plasma sprayed copper-doped hydroxyapatite coatings with different Cu dopant concentration was carried out. Scanning electron micrographs did not show any significant morphological changes at the surface and cross-section of the coatings as copper content increases. X-ray diffraction results showed the decrease in the HA phase content from 93 wt.% to 14 wt.% and its degree of crystallinity from 94% to 85% with increasing copper concentration. Raman and IR spectra revealed the broadening and red-shifting of the phosphate bands due to the distortion of the HA structure caused by possible insertion of copper. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy identified Cu and Cu2+ as copper species incorporated in HA. Rietveld refinement showed an increase in the lattice a and c parameter and expansion of the unit cell volume associated to an interstitial insertion of Cu along the hexagonal channel of the HA structure.
Index terms / Keywords Copper-doped hydroxyapatite, Solution precursor plasma spraying, Microstructure investigation, Interstitial insertion