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Title Blimp Stabilization Controller Optimization using Fuzzy Logic
Posted by Sherwin Guirnaldo
Authors Mary Ann E. Telen and Sherwin A. Guirnaldo
Publication date 2020
Journal International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering
Volume 9(1.2)
Issue June
Pages 76-83
Publisher World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering
Abstract Blimps are used for mission-based applications due to their ability to hover in any direction the pilot would direct. Earlier studies implemented manual control and some feedback control system but still the blimp is susceptible to air interference, making it hard to compensate disturbance on its orientation. This study focus on self-stabilization control using fuzzy logic in its feedback control system to achieve basic maneuvering and balance of the blimp. By employing sensor fusion using complimentary filter provides smoother data when subject to air disturbances. The system now ensures stability in its mission flights via its feedback control system using a fuzzy logic algorithm with active braking mechanism and fast updating frequency sensor system.
Index terms / Keywords Blimp, fuzzy logic controller, feedback control system, self-stabilized, sensor fusion