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Title A Self-Calibrating Off-Time Controller for WSN/IoT Synchronous Non-Inverting Buck-Boost DC-to-DC Converter Application
Posted by Olga Joy Gerasta
Authors Calam,Ramon Cristopher; Hora,Jefferson ; Gerasta, Olga Joy ; Xi Zhu ; Dutkiewicz,Eryk
Publication date 2020/02/06
Conference 2019 IEEE International Circuits and Systems Symposium (ICSyS)
Issue 19351440
Pages 6
Publisher IEEE
Abstract Inappropriate turning-off of synchronous switches in DC-to-DC converters operating in discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) degrades the overall efficiency of the converter due to the power losses in either body-diode conduction or reverse inductor current. This paper presents a self-calibrating off-time controller using a digitally-controlled delay element (DCDE) for synchronous DC-to-DC converter. An up-down counter that is controlled by the polarity of the inductor current is utilized to drive the binary-weighted DCDE. The programmable DCDE is used to generate a self-calibrating off-time pulse to turn-off the synchronous switches very close to the zero-crossing of the inductor current. The design and simulation of the proposed method is implemented using 65nm CMOS Technology process in Synopsys Custom Designer tool. When implemented, the measured accuracy of the detection is in order of less than ±10mA. The average power consumption of the proposed system is less than 10 uW and is expected to be much lower at lighter loads.
Index terms / Keywords CMOS integrated circuits , DC-DC power convertors , inductors , Internet of Things , semiconductor switches , telecommunication power supplies , wireless sensor networks
DOI 10.1109/ICSyS47076.2019.8982410