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Title PV-TEG- WiFi Multiple Sources Design Energy Harvesting System for WSN Application
Posted by Olga Joy Gerasta
Authors Acut,Rhea; Hora,Jefferson ; Gerasta,Olga Joy; Dutkiewicz,Eryk; Zhou,Xi
Publication date 2020/02/06
Conference 2019 IEEE International Circuits and Systems Symposium (ICSyS)
Issue 19351440
Pages 6
Publisher IEEE
Abstract Ambient energy harvesting is becoming an essential factor for wireless sensor nodes applications. Harvested energy from ambient sources, such as solar, indoor light, thermal energy, vibration, and radio frequencies (RF) provide a potential power capability that may supplement batteries to provide longevity to the sensor nodes. In an indoor setting, the intermittent availability of these sources will likely lessen the energy densities. Using only a single ambient-energy harvested source may not sustain the power requirement for the design of a battery-less wireless sensor node. Thus, this work investigates and design a power combiner circuit of the indoor light, thermal. The design utilized a cross-coupled charge pump operation to combined the same DC ambient sources, the PV cell, and TEG energy transducers. The system design is simulated using the 65 nm CMOS process technology. The simulation shows that the system is able to supply peak power of 1.69 mW at 500 Ω load. Peak power efficiency is 69% with 919 μA I LOAD .
Index terms / Keywords ambient energy harvesting , multi-source energy harvesting , thermoelectric generator , cross-coupled charge pump
DOI 10.1109/ICSyS47076.2019.8982439