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Title Macroalgae in the intertidal rocky shore of Iligan Bay
Posted by Maria Luisa Orbita
Authors Frence Eliza E. Elecho1, Tricia Joy C. Torres1, Ronaldo R. Orbita2, Maria Luisa S. Orbita1*
Publication date 2020/05/15
Journal International Journal of Biosciences (IJB)
Volume 16
Issue 5
Pages 124-130
Publisher INNSPUB Network
Abstract Rocky shores are commonly found in the coastal areas of Iligan Bay and mostly colonized by a great variety of macroalgae. Due to limited data, the diversity and abundance of macroalgae were investigated in eight sampling sites of Iligan Bay using the transect-quadrat method. A total of thirty-seven (37) species were identified including 17 green, 9 brown and 11 red algae, identified at eight sampling sites. Result showed that the seaweed biomass was highest in Buru-un and the major bulk of its dry weight materials were composed of Ulva reticulata. Moreover, Jampason had high species diversity because of its high species richness.
Index terms / Keywords Iligan Bay, Rocky shore, Macroalgae