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Title Soda and pork intestines: When COVID-19 relief operations miss the mark
Posted by Primitivo Iii Ragandang
Authors Ragandang, Primitivo III C.
Publication date 2020/04
Abstract As a developing country with one of the highest cases of COVID-19 in Southeast Asia, relief operations in the Philippines are seen to be a lifesaving act to people in need. These operations started initially with the national government urging local government units (LGUs) to help their communities, and continued with private individuals and groups initiating their own relief operations in local villages. Although there has been a wide range of response, it is important that relief operations, especially during a pandemic, are conducted strategically. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, some relief operations have been poorly allocated, abused by beneficiaries, and hindered by asymmetrical coordination between different actors.
Index terms / Keywords relief operations, Philippines, pandemic