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Title Applications of geometric morphometric analysis in describing sexual dimorphism in shell shapes in Vivipara angularis Muller (Family Viviparidae)
Posted by Carlo Stephen Moneva
Authors Carlo Stephen Moneva, Mark Anthony J. Torres, Cesar G. Demayo
Publication date 2012/6/30
Journal Animal Biology & Animal Husbandry
Volume 4
Issue 1
Pages 14-19
Publisher International Journal of the Bioflux Society
Abstract Prior studies have shown different insights about sexual shell dimorphism in the snails of family Viviparidae. This study was conducted to evaluate and determine the occurence of sexual dimorphism and shape variation in the shells of the viviparid snail, Vivipara angularis Muller, from three characters (ventral/aperture, dorsal, and top/whorl) using geometric morphometric analyses. All the three shell characters exhibited significant sexual shell dimorphism, this may be due to adaptations for brooding of the viviparid snails. Results indicate employment of different shell characters subjected to geometric morphometric analysis other than the aperture, in order to discriminate between sexes of the snails accurately.
Index terms / Keywords sexual dimorphism, shell shape variation, Vivipara angularis, geometric morphometric analysis