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Title Relative warp and correlation analysis based on distances of the morphological shell shape patterns of Pomacea canaliculata Lamarck from Japan and the Philippines
Posted by Carlo Stephen Moneva
Authors Carlo Stephen Moneva, Mark Anthony J. Torres, Takashi Wada, Ravindra Joshi, Cesar G. Demayo
Publication date 2012/6/30
Journal Advances in Environmental Sciences
Volume 4
Issue 1
Pages 12-21
Publisher International Journal of the Bioflux Society
Abstract The Golden Apple Snail (GAS), Pomacea canaliculata Lamarck is considered one of the serious agricultural pests of rice in Asia. It is being argued that rapid invasion of this species in many variable habitats suggests genetic variability and differentiation which could be expressed at the level of the phenotype. It is therefore the major objective of the study to explore possible phenotypic differentiation in the organism especially in the shape of the shell using geometric morphometric (GM) analysis. Specifically, this study aimed to determine conchological variation in populations of GAS in the Philippines and Japan. Three aspects of the shell shape were studied, which includes the ventral/aperture, dorsal and the top/whorl portion of the shell using correlation analysis based on distances (CORIANDIS). CORIANDIS was used in order to visualize congruence of multivariate traits among P. canaliculata populations. The results showed that P. canaliculata shell varies in shape and variability may signify distinctive genotypes or adaptation to varying environments exhibited by Japan and the Philippines.
Index terms / Keywords CORIANDIS, choncological variation, geographic variation, geometric morphometric analysis, Pomacea canaliculata