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Title my.eskwela: A Mobile Approach to Visual and Social Student Information System
Posted by Orven Llantos
Authors Orven E. Llantos
Publication date 2015
Conference World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science
Volume 2015
Issue 1
Pages 314-319
Publisher Newswood Limited.
Abstract Modern Student Information System used a Web based portal accessible using an internet browser, connected either through the internet or through the campus local network. Many of these have presented the data in textual mode and have no facility to connect socially in an existing social networking site to share visualised performance values. Moreover, the desktop web site is not designed for mobile devices thus making it hard to navigate on devices with limited screen capabilities. This study developed a module for Student Information System (SIS), named my.eskwela, which provides desktop and mobile access through web and SMS. my.eskwela desktop web interface provide different input mechanisms for faculty members thus easing the preparation of reports which includes the socially share-able visualisation of attendance tracking and class grade monitoring to supply students and parents direct, real-time access to the most relevant student academic information available through the web and through mobile platform. The results are remarkable such that not a single respondent in any user groups doubted its intention to use the systems as none expressed disagreement in this area. The results are actually good indicators that the three systems are good investments to set the bar of student information systems software services to higher level.
Index terms / Keywords Student Information System, mobile Student Information System (m-SIS), Social Networking Sites, Data Visualization, Functions, High-Order Functions, Agile Software Development