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Title Youth as conflict managers: peacebuilding of two youth-led Non-profit organizations in Mindanao
Posted by Primitivo Iii Ragandang
Authors Ragandang, Primitivo III C.
Publication date 2020/01
Journal Conflict Studies Quarterly
Issue Issue 30
Publisher Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Abstract An emerging trend in studies proves how young people are engaged in post-conflict initiatives, yet minimal studies were conducted on how do youth enhance their peacebuilding agency when access to formal training and formal institutions are unavailable. Especially for youth-led organizations in developing and conflict-driven regions, the inaccessibility of proper training and the inability to establish strategic directions is a challenge. This research examined the peacebuilding project management of two youth-led and arts-based peacebuilding organizations in Mindanao. Both organizations have strategies that are developed through experience gained by their key stakeholders. Its goals and peacebuilding programs are inclined to bring impact to its beneficiaries at the individual, interpersonal, and community levels. Especially for non-profit literature, the empirical data from this study contributes particularly to developing and conflict-driven regions where proper training is scarce, that experience-based strategies can be effective in enhancing staff and members' capacity.
Index terms / Keywords Mindanao, peacebuilding, project management, youth