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Title Students' Game Element Preferences
Posted by Jun Karren Caparoso
Authors JKV Caparoso
Publication date 2012
Conference The 5th International Conference on Educational Research
Abstract A survey was conducted to determine the user profile and game element preferences of first year high school students. Results revealed that majority of the students play computer games at least once a day or daily in Internet Cafés for at least one to two hours per session using desktop computer as a game platform. Moreover, it was found out that they usually play alone. It also showed that Tetris Battle, Kill On Sight Secret Operations (K.O.S.) and Conquer 2.0 were the top three games played by the students. K.O.S. was mostly played by the males while Tetris Battle by females. The students chose “The Planets” and “Outer Space” as the topic and game setting, respectively. They preferred an Asian female game character whose age is 10 to 20 years old with a “fit” body build. It must also be a strategic game which fosters open-mindedness, inventiveness and creativity among users. When asked about their help preference, the students prefer to methodically try different ways to solve a problem. Further, this study confirmed that game users have their own choice of games. First year high school students, as shown in the study, have their own choice of educational game. It is then recommended that a game on Earth Science will be developed based on the game element preferences of the students.