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Title Creating Display Board and Designing Multimedia Presentation for Science Fair Competition
Posted by Jun Karren Caparoso
Authors MLTM Aguilar, JKV Caparoso, ML Tansengco
Publication date 2017
Abstract Dissemination is an integral part of research. Oral and poster presentations are the common forms of research dissemination practiced in academic conferences and science investigatory project (SIP) competitions. Science teachers and advisers should properly guide their students on how to effectively impart the salient points of the project to the audience and judges. They should be acquainted about display regulations and presentation tips based on rules in international science fairs. This workshop will provide participants with the required information in presenting a research project in a clear and informative manner. The target participants are science teachers and advisers of SIP and other interested researchers. The workshop will focus on the following areas: 1) creating a project display board: design, content, and requirements; 2) preparing multimedia presentation for a science fair oral presentation, and 3) giving an orientation on the criteria for judging science projects for Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).