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Title Ice Cream STEM Education Learning Activity: Inquiry from the Context
Posted by Amelia Buan
Authors Eileen Jungao Villaruz Amelia Buan Ma. Cindy Cardona Manuel Barquilla
Publication date 2019
Journal Journal of Physics Conference Series
Publisher Journal of Physics
Abstract The paper will clarify the ice cream making STEM education learning activities which provide through Sutaphan nad Yuenyong [ context based STEM education learning approach. This approach consists of 7 stages including (1) Identification of social issues, (2) Identification of potential solution, (3) Need for knowledge, (4) Decision-making, (5) Development of prototype or product, (6) Test and evaluation of the solution, and (7) Socialization and completion decision stage. Icecream STEM Education Learning Activity will bring students to practice integrated knowledge among chemistry, mathematics, art, and economics in order to design their products of icecream. This may has implication for organizing STEM education in school setting.