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Title JEPPY: An Interactive Pedagogical Agent to Aid Novice Programmers in Correcting Syntax Errors
Posted by Julieto Perez
Authors Perez, Julieto; Dinawanao, Dante, Tabanao Emily
Publication date 2020/02
Journal International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications
Volume 11
Issue 2
Pages 48-53
Abstract Programming is a complicated task and correcting syntax error is just one among the many tasks that makes it difficult. Error messages produced by the compiler allow novice learners to know their errors. However, these messages are puzzling, and most of the times misleading due to cascading of errors, which can be detrimental to running a syntax-error free program. In most laboratory setting, it is the role of the teachers to assist their students while doing activities. However, in our experienced, considering the large number of students in a class, it may seem difficult for teachers to assist their students one-byone given the time constraints. In this paper, the design and implementation of an interactive pedagogical agent named JEPPY is presented. It is intended to assist novice learners learning to program using C++ as a programming language. In order to see on how students struggle or progress in dealing with errors, the proponents implemented the Error Quotient (EQ) developed by Jadud. The principles of the cognitive requirements of an agentbased learning environment were followed. The agent was put into test by novice learners in a laboratory setting. Logs of interaction between the embodied agent and the participants were recorded, aside from the compile errors and edit actions. These mechanisms show us some insight on the interaction behavior of learner to the agent.
Index terms / Keywords Pedagogical agent; error quotient; syntax-error correction; compile errors; human computer interaction