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Title A Decision Support System for Academic Ranking, Classification and Promotion for the Faculty of Universidad de Zamboanga
Posted by Dante Dinawanao
Authors Bacasong, Neil Mark Z.; Dinawanao, Dante D.
Publication date 2019
Journal International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change
Volume 8
Issue 7
Pages 192-216
Abstract This study focuses on the development of a Decision Support System (DSS) for Universidad de Zamboanga in faculty ranking in its aim of promoting quality educators. Since faculty ranking appointment is a position based on hierarchy, there were four phases that were considered in the development of the project: first is modelling of the academic problem, the second is translating the modelled academic problem to prologue notations for generating facts, rules and queries for the ranking process; third is developing a system through prototyping and fourth is the testing and evaluation of the DSS. The DSS uses the technique of First Order Predicate Logic (FOPL) which is translated to prologue rules, facts and queries as a knowledge base in generating academic rank of a specific faculty based on the academic minimum requirements or points acquired. These rules, facts and queries are created through web-based interface by user inputs that is stored in a database using MySQL. Prologue was used as an inference engine to give the actual result wherein a set of data fields is asked by the system to be filled by the user. The DSS handles in the creation of academic ranks and points that makes it dynamic. The DSS generates reports as the actual rank of a faculty member based on minimum requirements or points as accumulated from the score sheet which has ranking criteria and percentage weights.
Index terms / Keywords Ranking, First Order Predicate Logic (FOPL), Prototyping, Decision Support System (DSS)