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Title Furfural Synthesis from Locally Available Agricultural Residues via Acid Hydrolysis
Posted by Rodel Guerrero
Authors Guerrero, Rodel D.; Tumolva, Terence P.
Publication date 2019/12
Journal Asia-Pacific Journal of Science, Mathematics and Engineering (APJSME)
Volume 5
Issue 2
Pages 11-14
Publisher Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension, MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology
Abstract urfural is the product of the hydrolysis of pentosan-rich materials which can normally be found in biomass. Pentosans from coconut shell, coconut husk, pineapple bagasse, and water hyacinth, which are available agricultural wastes in the country, were used in this study. The laboratory synthesis of furfural was done by acid-catalyzed hydrolysis. The acid hydrolyzes were carried out at 180°C using dilute (0.2 M) sulfuric acid for different hydrolysis times. Results show that the study was successful in synthesizing furfural from the four different agricultural residues used. Furthermore, it was found out that furfural yield increases as digestion time increases, but only up to a certain hydrolysis time, different for every raw material, for which the maximum average percent mass furfural yield can be obtained. After which, a decrease in mass yield will be noticed.
Index terms / Keywords furfural, pentosan, acid hydrolysis, digestion time, agricultural waste