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Title Aspirations as a form of everyday resistance: young people and the Marawi siege
Posted by Septrin John Calamba
Authors Calamba, Septrin John; Jayeel Cornelio
Conference Journal of Youth Studies Conference
Abstract Young people are deeply implicated in the Marawi siege. Their wellbeing in conflict situations, like what happened in Marawi City, Philippines is a deep concern. They are perpetrators or victims of violence. In the existing literatures, youth are characterised as social problems vulnerable to radicalisation or passive victims needing protection. However, these assumptions are unimaginative to the potentials of young people as catalysts in conflict reconstruction. Involving Muslim, Christian and Indigenous youths, we document their narratives and experiences before, during and after the siege. We argue that their involvement is crucial to building back better of their community. Their ability to identify the sources of conflict and involvement in the reconstruction process are reinforcements of their potential as future leaders. Young people can set trajectories for a peaceful and developed community. Their aspirations are not lost on them. And for them, it is necessary to rehabilitate Marawi city free of corruption, efficient infrastructures, available social services, participatory, and restored religious and cultural traditions. But how these aspirations of the young people matter? If the government and various stakeholders are longing for a rehabilitated Marawi where peace and development is the more viable option than conflict, young people should be involved. Making sure that they are heard is the first step towards convincing them that future can be better.
Index terms / Keywords youth, aspirations, sociology, Marawi City, Philippines