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Title Describing the body shape of three populations of Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) collected from three rivers in Mindanao Island, Philippines
Posted by Cesar Demayo
Authors Maricel L. Gelsano, Cesar G. Demayo
Publication date 2019
Journal Poeciliid Research
Volume 9
Issue 1
Pages 1-12
Publisher Bioflux Society
Abstract This study was conducted to describe the body shape variations in Poecilia reticulata from three selected rivers in Mindanao Island, Philippines. Landmark-based geometric morphometrics were utilized to analyze the patterns of body shape variations within and between populations of P. reticulata. 20 landmarks were selected and digitized on the left side of 90 males and 80 females adult fish. Relative warp analysis was conducted on Procrustes-fitted landmarks and the generated relative warp scores were used as variables for multivariate statistical analysis of variations within, between and among sexes and populations. Results showed sexual dimorphism in body shapes within populations of P. reticulata. Females showed downward bent body shapes, while the males showed upward bent, except for fish collected from Tubod, Lanao del Norte, where body shapes between sexes are in the opposite. Variations in body shapes between populations were also observed in the head, midsection of the body, caudal peduncle and insertion of the anal and dorsal fins. It is argued that the morphological variations observed between populations could be attributed to differences in environmental conditions in the selected rivers.
Index terms / Keywords procrustes, landmarks, relative warps, geometric morphometrics, canonical variance analysis.