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Title 4. Norbisabolane and bisabolane sesquiterpenoids from the seeds of Angelica keiskei
Posted by Mylene Uy
Authors Ohta, S; Yuasa, Y; Aoki, N; Ohta, E; Nehira T; Omura, H; Uy, MM
Publication date 2019/10
Journal Phytochemistry Letters
Volume 33
Pages 8
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract A norbisabolane-type sesquiterpenoid, ashitabaol B and two bisabolane-type sesquiterpenoids, ashitabaols C and D, were isolated together with known sesquiterpenoids, ashitabaol A and (+)-bisabolangelone, from the seeds of Angelica keiskei (Miq.) Koidz. The structures including absolute configuration were determined on the basis of their spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, and chemical conversions.
Index terms / Keywords Angelica keiskei(Miq.) Koidz., Apiaceae,Ashitabaol A–D, Bisabol angelone, Bisabolane sesquiterpenoid