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Title 2. Rare sulfated purine alkaloid glycosides from Bruchidius dorsalis pupal case
Posted by Mylene Uy
Authors Uyama, Y; Ohta, E; Harauchi, Y; Nehira, T; Omura, H; Kawachi, H; Imamura-Jinda A; Uy, MM; Ohta S
Publication date 2020/2
Journal Phytochemistry Letters
Volume 35
Pages 5
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract Three new sulfated isoguanine alkaloid glycosides, locustosideAdisulfate(1) ,saikachinosideBdisulfate(2), andsaikachinosideAtrisulfate(3), have been isolated from the pupa lcase of the wild bruchid seed beetle Bruchidius dorsalis (Chrysomelidae,Bruchinae) infesting the seed of Gleditsia japonica Miquel(Fabaceae)along with the known compounds 9–11. Thestructures of the new compounds were determined through spectroscopic data and X-ray crystallographic analysis. The isolated compounds were evaluated for their inhibitory activity against starfish embryogenesis
Index terms / Keywords Bruchid seed beetle, Bruchidius dorsalis, Pupal case, Gleditsia japonica, Sulfated purine alkaloid, Blastulation inhibitor