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Title 1. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and mass spectrometry data for sulfated isoguanine glycosides
Posted by Mylene Uy
Authors Uyama, Y; Ohta, E; Harauchi, Y; Nehira, T; Omura, H; Kawachi, H; Imamura-Jinda A; Uy, MM; Ohta S
Publication date 2020/2
Journal Data in Brief
Volume 28
Pages 14
Publisher Elsevier
Abstract The data presented here are related to the research paper entitled“Rare sulfated purine alkaloid glycosides fromBruchidius dorsalispupal case”[1]. In this data article, we provide 1D and 2D nuclearmagnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and electrospray ioniza-tion mass spectrometry (ESIMS) data of three undescribed sulfatedpurine alkaloids, locustoside A disulfate, saikachinoside B disulfate,and saikachinoside A trisulfate isolated from the pupal case of thewild bruchid seed beetleBruchidius dorsalis(Chrysomelidae, Bru-chinae) infesting the seed ofGleditsia japonicaMiquel (Fabaceae).
Index terms / Keywords Bruchidius dorsali, Pupal case, Sulfated purine alkaloid, NMR, ESIMS