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Title Effect of Phyllanthus niruri and Passiflora foetida Extracts on the Mortality and Survival rate of the Brine Shrimp Artemia salina
Posted by Eddie Mondejar
Authors Juzavil Juario, Eddie Mondejar, Olga Nuñeza, Mylene and Uy
Publication date 2015/2
Journal Research Journal of Recent Sciences
Volume 4
Issue 2
Pages 61-67
Abstract Phyllanthus niruri and Passiflora foetida are known to have pharmacological properties. This study tested the lethality effects of the different extract concentrations of P. niruri and P. foetida on brine shrimps in order to assess the bioactivity of the plants. The sampled plants were taken from selected areas in Mindanao, Philippines. Plant extractions were done using three solvents: water, absolute ethanol and 50: 50 ethanol-water. LC50 values were calculated to evaluate the toxicity of the plant extracts. The LC50 values of P. niruri extracts were> 1000 µg/ml for plant extract with water as solvent, 251.19 µg/ml for plant extract with absolute ethanol as solvent, and 281.84 µg/m for plant extract with 50: 50 ethanol-water solvent. The LC50 values of P. foetida with the same solvents were> 1000 µg/ml, 749.89 µg/ml and> 1000 µg/ml, respectively. These results suggest a low toxicity level of the plant extracts. This implies that the use of these medicinal plants especially in the traditional approach which is through the decoction method has the least risk of danger. The results also suggest that P. niruri and P. foetida may contain bioactive compounds needing further elucidation and tests
Index terms / Keywords Bioactivity, concentrations, lethality, pharmacological, toxicity