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Title Disaster Vulnerability of Upland and Lowland Riverine Communities in Iligan City, Philippines
Posted by Amabelle Embornas
Authors Amabelle Arquisal Embornas,Nimfa L. Bracamonte, Sulpecia Ponce, Myrma Jean Mendoza, Liwayway Viloria
Publication date 2015/12
Journal IAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservation
Volume 13
Issue 1
Publisher IAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservation
Abstract Identifying risks and vulnerabilities before and after the occurrence of disasters are important in disaster management. Using the vulnerability framework, this study examines the disaster preparedness of Iligan City communities when Tropical Storm Sendong (Washi) and Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) came. Employing a qualitative approach, this study included 129 research participants from Barangay Mandulog and Pugaan (upland) and Hinaplanon and Palao (lowland). Findings showed that communities which are lying close to Mandulog River are more vulnerable to flooding and were devastated more by Sendong than those living along Pugaan River. These Barangay were structurally ill-prepared before Sendong and even before Typhoon Pablo with respect to complete crafting and implementation of a functional DRRM Plan as mandated by RA 10121. The findings have implications to effective disaster governance of the local government units.
Index terms / Keywords disaster preparedness vulnerability riverine Washi Bopha
DOI DOI: 10.7718/ijec.v13i1.887