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Title Rethinking Multiculturalism: Media in multicultural society (ISBN: 978-602-7636-27-9
Posted by Venus Parmisana
Authors Venus Parmisana
Publication date 2012
Conference International Conference on Media, Communication and Culture
Volume 1
Pages 884
Publisher Buku Litera, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Abstract News discourse produces an effect, intended or not, to the readers. Filling in the research gap on studies revealing readers’ reactions, this study examines the Perlocutionary Acts in e-news articles as depicted in the Typhoon Washi ‘Sendong’ victims’ feelings, thoughts and reactions , which had remained unheard prior to this study. Anchored upon the Pragmatics and Speech Act frameworks, this qualitative study gathered the informants’ verbal and written reactions from corpora of news (English and Cebuano) on Sendong through survey and interviews. Findings reveal their positive feelings of being persuaded or convinced with the propositional content of the news and being committed to move on with their lives. It also yield negative feelings like resentment and bitterness towards government’s slow efforts on cash assistance or house relocation as well as hopelessness on their condition. In conclusion, this pioneering study provided a framework for creating discourse space for typhoon victims. As a form of psychosocial activity, it provided an avenue for debriefing them through their expressions of sentiments over their plight at evacuation centers, thus helping them construct their social reality. The paper recommends analyzing perlocutionary acts in global news priming of natural disasters and its implication to the government’s thrust in responding quickly to the victims’ needs.
Index terms / Keywords discourse analysis, perlocutionary acts, sendong news articles