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Title #LookAndFeel: Cultural And Language Semiology In University Websites
Posted by Venus Parmisana
Authors Venus Parmisana
Publication date 2019
Conference LSP International Conference 2019
Abstract The internet, as a dynamic environment, poses largely mediated communication interfaces through the rich and complex cultural expressions that draw or give factual information about an individual, organization or institution. In a university website, for instance, numerous multimodal markers offer significant cultural and language paradigm to viewers and readers. These markers, sometimes called signs, are prevalent and are subject to interpretations. This study looks to Pauwel’s (2012) intra modal framework as a guide to analyzing two (2) universities in the southern part of the Philippines. Apart from decoding the academic culture, the study seeks to draw the meaning potential that resides in the form and content of the web pages. For methodology, study followed a qualitative-quantitative research design and employed discourse analysis with an emphasis on methods of quantitative visual content analysis from Bell’s (2001) study. Netizens frequent on facebook were subjected to an online survey for their perceptions of the “look and feel” and “branding” of the university websites compared. The researcher also made a comparative analysis of the written and typographic signifiers as well as the visual cultural markers of the websites. Findings reveal that both websites have web design and layout elements with great impact on the individuals’ perceptions as they are either attracted, directed and invoked to visit the websites more frequently. Moreover, of the 67 sample responses, University A is more appealing and attractive in terms of the culturally-rich data that viewers can feel and experience as compared to University B under study. In conclusion, the more carefully-planned the elements are, the more the website can attract viewers, thus increasing the “commodification” purpose of a university website.
Index terms / Keywords multimodal framework, language semiology, university website