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Title Relationship between stressors and coping strategies as perceived among nursing students during related learning experience (RLE)
Posted by Geraldine Ridad
Authors Geraldine S. Ridad, Haniya S. Angintaopan, Princess Haniefa Mae K. Ayunan, Saipoden M. Manalocon
Publication date 2019/9
Conference 3rd International Conference on Healthcare and Allied Sciences
Abstract ABSTRACT Students are subjected to different kinds of stressors, such as the pressure of academics with an obligation to succeed, an uncertain future and difficulties of integrating into the system. The present study aimed at assessing perceived stressors and effective use of coping strategies among nursing students during their clinical training in the different hospitals as part of their related learning experience. This descriptive correlational study involved 191 students officially enrolled in the second semester of academic year 2018-2019 in 2 nursing schools in Iligan City. Results revealed that most students rated knowledge insufficiency, fear of clinical area, and skills confusion under intrapersonal stressor as “some stressor”. Interpersonal stressors on staff nurses, duty-mates, clinical instructor, and patients and significant other/s were also perceived as “some stressor”. Intrapersonal coping strategies such as self-concept and physiological were considered highly used and effective coping strategies; the same with role function and interdependence under interpersonal coping. Among intrapersonal stressors only skills confusion has significant negative relationship with interdependence as interpersonal coping strategy (r=-0.259, p-value of 0.000). Among interpersonal stressors, staff nurses has significant positive correlation with intrapersonal coping self-concept (r=0.152, p-value of 0.035). Duty-mates has significant positive correlation (r=0.160, p-value of 0.027), while clinical instructors has significant negative correlation (r=-0.237, p-value of 0.001) with physiological intrapersonal coping. The results imply that students’ perceived stressors affect their effective use of intra and interpersonal coping strategies. Educators, nursing schools and regulating bodies of nursing should consider these in designing a holistic curriculum. Keywords: Clinical Training, Coping Strategies, Nursing Related Learning Experience, Stressors
Index terms / Keywords Clinical Training, Coping Strategies, Nursing Related Learning Experience, Stressors