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Title DiabEHT: An Approach to Improve Self-care Management of Diabetes
Posted by Geraldine Ridad
Authors Geraldine S. Ridad, Val Clinton S. Maybituin, Carlito Y. Bella Jr., Karla Mae R. Cañete, Omar Khayyam Usman, Erik Louwe Sala
Publication date 2019/9
Conference 3rd International Conference on Healthcare and Allied Sciences
Abstract Diabetes is considered a global epidemic. It causes devastating complications such as cardiovascular events, strokes, end stage renal disease, blindness and lower extremity amputation. However, these can be prevented through compliance to treatment regimen. Hence, the researchers conducted the project diabeht that included weekly support group activities and lecture series, installation of the diabeht app, and diabooth in the health center, to facilitate compliance and improve self-care management of diabetes among 30 participants in Barangay Sta Felomina, Philippines. The app was tested for usability. The mean system usability scale score of 83.67 indicated that the mobile application generally has good design and very useful. Furthermore, results showed significant improvement on the level of compliance ranging from moderate to high and low to moderate, before and after the project implementation for the following diabetes self-care activities: general diet (T-test=-5.162), exercise (T-test=-2.933), blood glucose monitoring (T-test=-4.482), and foot care (T-test=-4.072). Also, about 87% of the participants had significant improvement in their blood glucose reading 6 weeks after the project implementation. Indeed, the project had improved self-care management of participants and facilitated compliance. The app has proven to promote enhanced self-care management of diabetes, cost-effective, and efficient partner of health care providers. Keywords: Diabetes, Self-care management, Android application, Support Group Activity
Index terms / Keywords Diabetes, Self-care management, Android application, Support Group Activity