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Title Knowledge and Awareness on Expanded Program on Immunization among Parents in Lanao del Norte
Posted by Geraldine Ridad
Authors Geraldine S. Ridad
Publication date 2017/9
Conference 10th International Conference on Educational Research (ICER) 2017
Abstract Several vaccine-preventable diseases were identified as the most common cause of infant deaths worldwide (National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, 2008). In fact, it has been reported that an estimated three million or more children worldwide die or are disabled by these diseases each year (WHO, 2013). Nonetheless, this drastic trend can be averted through complete and timely immunization (DOH, 2013). This study aimed to identify and explore the knowledge and awareness on Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) among parents in Lanao del Norte and its relationship to their adherence to the program. A researcher-constructed questionnaire was used after being pilot tested to gather data from 352 respondents. Using frequency counts, percentages, weighted arithmetic mean and ranking the results showed that with over-all mean of 2.01 signifies misinformation or lack of information and less awareness on benefits of immunization. Moreover, with an over-all mean of 2.20 indicates that respondents lack information regarding the number of needed vaccines, the appropriate site and schedule of immunization. There is also a need of further health teaching on expected side-effects of immunization with an over-all mean of 2.14 as well as contraindications of vaccines with an over-all mean of 1.92. However, over-all mean of 2.44 indicated that respondents were informed on the appropriate interventions for side-effects of vaccines, as well as their rights especially to refuse vaccination with mean of 2.48. In addition, the respondents’ over-all level of adherence was moderate. The respondents’ level of knowledge and awareness on EPI has influenced their level of adherence to a moderate level only. Based on the results, more intentional follow-up campaign drives in spreading information about Expanded Program on Immunization using media and other effective ways is needed.
Index terms / Keywords immunization, Knowledge and Awareness, vaccines