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Title Synthesis of positively charged photoluminescent bimetallic Au-Ag nanoclusters by double target sputtering method on a biocompatible polymer matrix
Posted by Ryan Corpuz
Authors Ryan D. Corpuz, Yohei Ishida, Mai T. Nguyen, and Tetsu Yonezawa
Publication date 2017/08/11
Journal Langmuir
Volume 33
Issue 36
Pages 9144–9150
Publisher American Chemical Society
Abstract Herein, we report a novel positively charged photoluminescent Au–Ag bimetallic nanocluster synthesized using 11-mercaptoundecyl-N,N,N-trimethylammonium bromide as the capping ligand by means of “green” double-target sputtering method on a biocompatible polymer matrix. The photoluminescent Au–Ag bimetallic cluster showed emission tunability from blue to near infrared (NIR) regions with respect to change in the composition.