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Title Teaching Method Preferences of Nursing Students in MSU-IIT
Posted by Geraldine Ridad
Authors Geraldine S. Ridad, Thiennette Reville , Jonal-James Abdul , Robert Balancar , Lani Pearl Lebumfacil
Publication date 2017/9
Conference 10th International Conference on Educational Research (ICER) 2017
Abstract It has been undeniable that significant number of students display lack of interest in attending school. This problem has been very alarming since the number of these students is yearly growing. To address this problem, it is necessary that every institution must consider the learning and teaching method preferences of students. This is the primary reason why the researchers have conducted this study to determine the demographic profile of the respondents, their teaching method preferences, the significant difference in their teaching method preferences according to year level, age and gender; and lastly the significant relationship between the demographic profiles and the teaching method preferences of the respondents. Using stratified random sampling, 30% of each year level’s population was taken as respondents of the study. Standardized Survey questionnaires were utilized to gather data. The data categorized under year level and age were analyzed using the Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) while the data under gender were analyzed using the Discriminant Function. Results showed that respondents differ in their teaching method preferences according to their year level, age and gender. Using a canonical variate analysis, specific audio-visual preferences and other teaching method preferences were determined. The first and second year respondents which fall within the 16-18 age bracket have similar teaching method preferences and they preferred pure lectures the least. The third and fourth year students who fall within the 19-21 age bracket, preferred case studies/presentations and return demonstrations. As to gender, it has been found out that female students preferred case studies/ presentations the most. On the other hand, male respondents preferred lecture before skill performances. Finally, the demographic profiles of the respondents in terms of age, gender and year level has a significant relationship to the teaching method preferences of the students.
Index terms / Keywords Teaching Method Preference, Learning, Nursing Education