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Title Evaluation of Potential Hydropower Sites in Iligan City Using Geographic Information System (GIS)
Posted by Anacita Tahud
Authors Palma-Tahud, Anacita; Estoperez, Noel
Publication date 2016
Conference 2016 International Conference on Sustainable Energy & Environmental Sciences (SEES). Proceedings
Pages 23
Publisher Global Science and Technology Forum
Abstract The conventional method of resource assessment and identification of potential hydropower sites is laborious, costly and time-consuming when employed at a large scale. This study provides an alternative method of resource assessment using remotely-sensed data and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. Auto-delineation of watersheds and stream networks in Iligan City are carried out with the use of a 10-m resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar-derived Digital Elevation Model, precipitation, landuse/landcover, hydrologic soils, and other datasets. Results show that Iligan's rich water resources have run-of-river hydropower potential of approximately 149 MW, which is more than three times of the city's peak demand. GIS-based simulation and models thus provide a fast, scalable and risk-free assessment of Iligan's stream networks in terms of hydropower potential.
Index terms / Keywords Geographic Information System; hydropower; renewable energy