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Title Geographic Information System (GIS) aMulticriteria Decision Making (MCDM) for Optimal Selection of Hydropower Location in Rogongon, Iligan City
Posted by Anacita Tahud
Authors Badang, Dick Arnie; Sarip, Cherrence; Tahud, Anacita
Publication date 2019/03/14
Conference 2018 IEEE 10th International Conference on Humanoid, Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Communication and Control, Environment and Management (HNICEM)
Volume Baguio City
Issue Electronic ISBN: 978-1-5386-7767-4; Print on Demand(PoD) ISBN: 978-1-5386-7768-1
Pages 1-5
Publisher IEEE
Abstract Extending the electrical grid for distant areas that are inadequately electrified is not financially viable and certainly not likely to happen in the short to medium term. Remote areas with potential renewable energy sources are possible to power a micro-grid that could supply their unelectrified area. The use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology in this study provided an efficient tool in identifying potential hydropower with effective determination of the parameters from the actual field measurements and utilization of the high resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM). Similarly, the application of Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) methods in the analysis of processed geospatial data was proven capable in finding the optimal site location for hydropower in the remote area of Rogongon, Iligan City. The result suggested that the proposed integration of GIS-MCDM was successful in providing a robust model for decision making of renewable energy location.
Index terms / Keywords Geographic Information System , Multi-criteria Decision Making , renewable energy , hydropower