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Title Evaluation of the MSU-IIT College of Nursing Enhancement Program Using the ABCD Model As a Framework
Posted by Abdullah Junior Mangarun
Authors Abdullah Junior S. Mangarun
Publication date 2014/09/28
Journal CNU Journal of Higher Education
Volume Volume 8
Issue 2014
Pages 90-103
Publisher Cebu Normal University
Abstract The primary objective of the Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology College of Nursing Enhancement Program (MSU-IIT CON-EP) is to prepare nursing graduates for the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam (PNLE) by enhancing their critical thinking ability and test-taking strategies using Lecture-Mastery Drills Exam-Rationalization Cycle. However, with the present Competency Appraisal (CA) that is proven to be dysfunctional and the misconceptions that marred the operations of the program, the administrators decided to shutdown the program. Hence, this study revisits the CON-EP using Ochave's ABCD Model by reviewing four components such as students, program implementation, efficiency and social impact through survey and key informant interviews. One hundred ninety one (191) respondents from Batch 2008-2014 perceived the efficiency of the program as very good. The respondents believed that the program equipped them to pass the PNLE and in practicing the nursing profession. Secondary data gathered showed that the program has produced five topnotchers in the PNLE 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2014 and made the school as the second best performing nursing school twice. Results from the interviews documented show that the operations of program is purposely driven to keep MSU-IIT as the flagship bearer of the best performing nursing school in Mindanao. With the common efforts and interest of the stakeholders to resurrect the program, several salient points were brought up in this study. Once comprehensively reviewed, the program should be planned with the institute administrators, so as to prevent misconceptions. Furthermore, 100% support by the administrators could provide a 'win-win' solution for both the operators and the administrators that could be beneficial to the graduates, the school and the community.
Index terms / Keywords ABCD Model, enhancement program, nursing